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2-4 hours/week


Live a Life Above Reproach:

1. Abstain from things including, but not limited to:

            A. Gossip

            B. Slander

            C. Pornography

            D. Alcohol

            E. Tobacco (Cigarettes or chewing)/Vapes

            F. Sexual immorality

            G. Etc.


Ministry Overview:

1. Be a Christ-like example to your players and their families, building relationships with them and helping them move toward a deeper relationship, or perhaps a first-time relationship, with Christ.

2. Teach the fundamentals of the sport while looking for teachable moments to teach life principles and Biblical principles.

3. Teach players how to pursue sports and competition with a Biblical worldview.

4. Be in compliance with all rules, mission, and values and submit to the leadership of the ministry.



1. Other coaches

2. Referees, volunteers, etc.

3. Church staff



1. Active attenders/members of church with a growing and vibrant relationship with Christ

2. Passion for spreading the Gospel

3. Love of children


Practice Responsibilities

1. First to arrive, last to leave mentality

2. Provide a safe and encouraging environment to teach the sport

3. Look for teachable moments in practices and games to teach your kids about life and following God

4. Lead a devotional during the practice

5. Return all equipment to its original location


Game Responsibilities

1. First to arrive, last to leave mentality

2. Help create a family environment by treating all with respect

3. Adhere to guidelines and rules of the league

4. See opposing team and coach not as an enemy but as teammates


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Basic understanding of the sport

2. A willing teacher of fundamentals

3. Understand philosophy of league in promoting spiritual growth among players and families

4. Be an encourager

5. Good with children

6. Comfortable leading devotionals

The Job of a Coach Simplified:


1. Did I glorify God with my coaching today?

a. In other words, did I make God famous today with how I coached?

b. How did I do with integrating sports, life, and truth today? Did I look for teachable moments to teach the kids more than just the sport?

c. Was I patient, loving, and gracious with the kids and parents today?

d. Did I find myself welling up with anger or frustration today? If so, why?

e. How important was it to me that my team won or performed well? Was winning or performing well at the top of my priority list today?

f. Did I enjoy coaching today? Why or why not?

g. Did I exhibit humility today?

h. Did I treat the referees, other coaches, leaders, and volunteers with respect today?



2. Did I build redemptive relationships today?

a. In other words, did I look for opportunities to engage in people’s lives with a desire to help them grow spiritually?

b. Did I engage in conversations with parents prior to and after practice?

c. How much did I try to get to know the kids today beyond the court/field?

d. How available am I to parents? The kids?

e. Am I building deep relationships with my parents and kids or just maintaining superficial ones?

f. Am I asking “how” and “why” questions to my parents and kids?

g. How often am I praying for the families on my team?

h. How often am I trying to connect with the families on my team outside of practice and games?


Field Status

Open Open

Victory Campus (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 2 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 6 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 4 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Soccer Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Football Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 5 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 7 (02:55 PM | 06/19/20)

Open Open

Field 8 (03:17 PM | 06/19/20)

Closed Closed

Central United Methodist Church (11:46 AM | 02/20/20)

Open Open

Field 6 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

Open Open

Field 7 (11:04 AM | 03/15/22)

Open Open

Clear Creek Baptist Church (10:27 AM | 12/21/22)

Open Open

Field 1 (10:27 AM | 12/21/22)