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Men’s Basketball Rules


Hopewell Recreation Ministry Leadership reserves the right to make any changes that they deem necessary for the betterment of the league and its play.

Harassment of officials and Hopewell Recreation Ministry Staff will not be tolerated. Questions should be asked by the HEAD COACH ONLY and done in an ORDERLY HUMANE and RESPECTFUL fashion about rule interpretations only. Judgment calls are NOT to be argued. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate ejection of the guilty party and possibly forfeiture of the game. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN!!

No coach or player shall belittle or berate the players or coaches of another team. This type of action will NOT be tolerated. First offense: Warning. Second offense: Ejection from game. PENALTY: Any coach or player ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game up to a maximum of the remainder of the season. Any coach ejected from a game will be required to meet in person with the Hopewell Recreation Minister before coaching another game. The coach is responsible to set up this meeting.


A roster must be given to the umpire prior to the start of each game. A player must play at least 2 regular season games to be eligible to play in the tournament. Rosters are locked as of the mid-point of the season. Coaches will be notified of the season mid-point at the beginning of each season.


Normal basketball rules with the additional rules listed below.


1) Four 10-minute quarters. Running Clock until final two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarter.

2) 5-minute halftime.

3) Four timeouts per game.

4) Any Profanity = Player sits out the length of a quarter – 10 minutes. Even if that leaves a team with fewer than 5 players.

5) 5 total fouls (Combination of Personal and Technical) = disqualification. 2 Technical Fouls = disqualification.

6) Technical Foul = 2 free throws plus possession.

7) A player receiving an unsportsmanlike technical (arguing with referee, fighting, over aggressive play, etc) is disqualified from the game and must leave the facility   immediately. Their team will play a man down for the rest of the game.
8) If a player is ejected from a game, they miss the next scheduled game. If a player is ejected from two games, they are disqualified for the remainder of the season.

9) Your team needs to have a person keep a scorebook. Scorebooks will be provided.

10) No Shot Clock

11) Minimum of four players to play. Only pick players to equal 6 total players.  If a team cannot field 4 originally rostered players, they can pick up enough players to total 6, but the game will count as a forfeit.

12) No picking up players during the tournament.


14)In the event of a tie game there will be a 3-minute overtime. Clock runs continuously until 1-minute remaining. 1 additional time out for the overtime period. In the   event the game is still tied after overtime there will be a free-throw shootout in the World Cup Soccer format.

Field Status

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Victory Campus (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 2 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 6 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 4 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Soccer Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Football Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 3 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 5 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)

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Field 7 (02:55 PM | 06/19/20)

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Field 8 (03:17 PM | 06/19/20)

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Central United Methodist Church (11:46 AM | 02/20/20)

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Field 1 (09:55 AM | 03/10/20)